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How Occupational Therapy Helps Dementia Patients


Managing daily activities is one of the biggest challenges when caring for seniors with dementia. That’s where occupational therapy services help. Many families hire occupational therapy or home health care in Texas to cope with the changes that the disease brings.

How OT helps people with dementia?

An occupational therapist creates a personalized program that improves daily functioning, well-being, and social participation in seniors with dementia. They conduct a home assessment to identify what needs to be changed around the house. This process is necessary for fall prevention and ensures your senior loved one is living in a safe environment.

As you may know, dementia affects a person’s communication skills. Thus, an occupational therapist can teach you and your loved one some techniques to overcome communication barriers. Occupational therapists can also work with your senior loved one’s primary skilled nursing provider to offer everyday advice for managing care.

If you are looking for a qualified occupational therapist for your elderly loved one, we are always ready to help out.

At Amour Healthcare Services, a reliable provider of quality healthcare services in San Antonio, Texas, we have experienced occupational therapists who can support your seniors loved ones at home. If you need our help, contact us today!

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