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Elderly Care: Hygiene and Bathing Tips for Seniors

Elderly Care: Hygiene and Bathing Tips for Seniors

When you are caring for an elderly family member or loved one, you are well aware that mental and cognitive decline can affect several aspects of their life. Personal hygiene is one of the factors they may neglect due to memory loss or changes in their sense of smell. As a provider of home health care in Texas, we will share bathing tips for seniors to address this issue:

  • Start a conversation
    Although it may be a difficult conversation to have, discussing personal hygiene is important. Make sure to frame the conversation respectfully from a place of love. Let them know you are concerned and how poor hygiene will affect their health.
  • Establish a daily routine
    Creating a personal hygiene routine helps integrate activities like bathing or brushing their teeth into their daily routine. Doing so also ensures your loved one is clean and comfortable while adding structure to their day.
  • Purchase/install hygiene aids
    If fear or discomfort is the main reason they refuse to bathe, it is worth the investment to install hygiene aids. In addition to seeking home care services, installing aids like grab bars or better lighting may encourage them to look after their personal hygiene.
  • Seek professional help
    If you still have difficulty convincing an elderly loved one to take a shower or bath, it may be time to turn to healthcare services in San Antonio, Texas to provide assistance. A professional can offer support and make sure your loved one is cared for.

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