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Discover Low-Impact Exercises for Seniors with Arthritis

Discover Low-Impact Exercises for Seniors with Arthritis

Everyone has fallen at some point or another. However, older adults above the age of 65 are at a significantly higher risk of becoming injured due to a bad fall, especially those with conditions like arthritis. As your trusted provider of healthcare services in San Antonio, Texas, we will share the best low-impact exercises for seniors with arthritis:

  • Tai Chi
    Tai Chi involves slow, deliberate, continuous movements designed to improve flexibility and balance. This type of exercise is great for seniors with arthritis as it helps manage joint pain and increases strength.
  • Water Aerobics
    Aside from seeking home health care in Texas, seniors may also hit the pool to help manage their symptoms. Water aerobics are held in warm-water swimming pools making the exercise easy on the joints with no risk of falls or injuries.
  • Walking
    As a geriatric home care provider, we also recommend walking as a simple yet highly effective exercise for managing arthritis in seniors. Walking helps improve their endurance and balance and is also easy on the joints while contributing to weight management.

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